DUI School

Top certified DUI school in Covington and near Conyers, Georgia. If you have been charged with DUI, Drug possession, or involved in a car accident, our DUI class can help lower your car insurance or reinstate your driver’s license.

Anger Management

RECS anger management Therapy can help get to the root of the original cause of unhealthy anger. Our anger management course in Covington, GA is certified by the state of Georgia.

Clinical Evaluation

Recovery Education Counseling Services is certified and approved by the state of Georgia to conduct alcohol, DUI, drugs, mental health, Psychological evaluations

Recovery Education Counseling Services (RECS)  is registered and licensed by the State of  Georgia. We have over 25+ years in the business of helping clients recover. Our top services are DUI School, Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Clinical Evaluation, Substance Abuse, and Value Clarification.

Our Services

More Than 25 Years Of Experience, Recovery Service You Can Trust

Recovery Education Counseling Services (RECS) is designed to assist and empower individuals with prior positive productive skills who have been misguided due to various physical, mental, social, financial, and/or spiritual behavioral barriers which tend to interfere in one’s lifestyle when not addressed appropriately.

Virtual Classes via Zoom are available!

DUI School and Defense Driving Class-Covington GA

If you have been charged with DUI, Drug possession, RECS can help. Register now for dui school

DUI School

Values Clarification and Shoplifting Class-Newton County

Shoplifting is a type of larceny, which simply means taking the property of someone else


420 Substance Abuse Class-Newton County

Our eight hours/week 420 marijuana class is an educational program designed by the Prime for Life Institute

Drugs / Marijuana

Domestic Violence Class-Covington GA

Our FVIP is certified by GCFV. RECS is a non-judgmental and an educational service for both men and women who are Domestic Violence offenders.

Domestic Violence

Anger Management Class-Covington GA

Our classes are designed for those who need to learn how to control their anger. Sign up for help

Anger Management

Clinical Evaluation Class- Covington GA

Our relapse course is designed to keep you moving forward. Register for help!

Clinical Evaluation

About US

What We Do

Recovery Education Counseling Services aims to educate and empower every addict, family, professional, and community that there is a quality of life with the disease of addiction. Our Covington location offers the following classes: DUI School, Anger management, family violence, clinical evaluation, substance abuse, and value clarification.



Services you can trust. We have combined 25+ years of experience.


Recovery Education Counseling Services has class in
Anger Management Domestic Violence 420-Marijuana and DUI School.  See below!

Virtual classes are available via Zoom. Enroll now

Recovery Program, DUI school/Risk Reduction, Defense Driving, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, and Educational Services in Covington,  Conyers, GA, Newton County, Lawrenceville, GA, and Gwinnett County.

Our Clients Love US

I would like to thank Mrs. Stevenson at Recovery Education Counseling Services for providing me with one of the most inspirational experiences by understanding my personal goals and providing the type of environment that keeps you engaged and attentive in her class… I drove from Gwinnett county to Covington and I can honestly say that it was worth the drive. Each day after leaving her class made the drive-by to Gwinnett a positive one… THANKS, Mrs. Stevenson!

~Chris C~

Mrs. Stevenson’s class is by far the best court-appointed class I ever had to take. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and never feels judged. I will recommend her to anyone who asks.

~L.  Zemoria~