Clinical Evaluation

Recovery Education Counseling Services is an approved and certified EVALUATOR on the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health Developmental Disabilities Registry to administer and complete DUI Clinical Evaluations and Non-DUI Alcohol and Drug Clinical evaluations.  Our program offers certified, professional and compassionate Alcohol and Drug Evaluators, Mental Health Evaluators, Family Violence Evaluators,  and Anger Management Evaluators  that can assist in meeting your assessment needs.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!

  • Do you have a DUI and in need of an EVALUATION?

  • Are you on probation for a criminal charge and in need of an EVALUATION?

  • Do you have a positive drug screen and your probation officer is requiring you to complete an Alcohol and Drug EVALUATION?

  • Do you have a Family Violence charge and in need of an EVALUATION?

  • Are you required to have a Mental Health or Psychological EVALUATION?

  • Are you overwhelmed and in need of help and would like an EVALUATION?