About Recovery Education Services

RECS is an organization that promotes corrective and more effective life changes for those lives which have been negatively comprised through alcohol/drugs, anger, domestic violence, peer association, self-esteem and overall choices causing unhealthy life stressors that disrupts positivity living. RECS thoroughly and empathically understands that no change develops overnight. RECS is here to assist and guide as more healty, balanced and productive lifestyle while… Changing Behaviors One Stage at A Time!

Recovery Education Counseling Services (RECS) is designed to assist and empower individuals with prior positive productive skills who have been misguided due to various physical, mental, social, financial, and/or spiritual behavioral barriers which tends to interfere in one’s lifestyle when not addressed appropriately.

RECS Mission Statement

Recovery Education Counseling Services aims to educate and empower every addict, family, professional, and community that there is quality of life with the disease of addiction.

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